Health and Safety Protocols for Courses

The Center recognizes that most of the US has moved beyond all measures implemented to prevent the spread of Covid-19. However, the Center is a unique setting, with course participants (~120-150 people) sharing extended periods of time in the meditation hall together. As such, we remain cautious with the intention to ensure we are caring for elder and immuno-compromised meditators. The single most important factor is ensuring that everyone who comes to the center is healthy.


Everyone coming will need to fulfill the following requisites:

  • A negative antigen/rapid test on the day the course begins.
  • Students must bring two additional rapid tests for testing on the third day and later on if there is an infection.
    • Test kits are readily available at your local grocery store or pharmacy, as well as online.
    • The Center cannot supply tests for participants, and all are expected to bring their own tests.
  • Anyone who tests positive for covid 19, at any point during the course will be asked to go home.


  • If you develop any cold/flu/covid symptoms during the course, masks are required.

Local meditators who wish to come sit or serve at the center should please contact the office beforehand.

Because of the evolving situation, the above guidelines are subject to change.