How to Apply

Courtyard Garden

Apply Early. Please note that many courses at the Vipassana Meditation Center, Dhamma Dharā are full 2 – 3 months in advance. We encourage you to apply early in order to allow time to make travel arrangements once registered.

  1. Read the Introduction to the Technique so you are familiar with the practice before you arrive.
  2. Read the Code of Discipline page carefully, as you will be required to follow it during your course.
  3. Review the Upcoming Course List and choose a course that is suitable for your schedule. Please note that you are expected to arrive between 2pm and 4pm on the day the course begins and you are expected to stay until the course is completed, which is approximately 7:00am on the last day of the course.
  4. Fully and completely fill out all the sections of the application form and submit it. You can fill out an application online or you can download, print, and mail a paper form.
  5. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an email confirming your application has been received. Please note that this first email is not a notice of acceptance to the course.
  6. Await notification of whether you have been accepted for the course. All correspondence will be through e-mail if you give an e-mail address in your application. Due to the large volume of applications, it may take up to one month before receiving notification.
  7. Once you are accepted into the course you will receive an email asking you to confirm your attendance. Please make sure to confirm promptly to reserve your space. If we do not receive your confirmation, your spot will be given to a student on the waitlist.
  8. If you choose to send a paper application through the mail your application will be accepted in the order received (please remember that mailed applications take much longer to receive than applications that are sent electronically). Please provide an email address in your application so we can respond to you in a timely way.