August 25, 2019 – Children’s Course in Livingston, NJ

When: Sunday, August 25th, 9am – 4pm

Where: Regency Clubhouse, 119 Regal Blvd, Livingston, NJ.

Who: Children ages 8 – 15

Registration: Please register to attend or serve here.

About the course: Children and teens ages 8-15 will learn the technique of Anapana meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka. Anapana is the observation of the natural breath as it comes in and goes out. Children who practice this technique often experience better concentration, sharper memory, improved comprehension and the ability to stay calmer. In short, they gain a practical tool to use in the face of adversity or challenge.
The one-day course includes meditation instruction, art and outdoor activity. There are no prerequisites to register for this course and there is no cost to participate. Donations are gratefully accepted at the end of the course.

Lunch: Vegetarian lunch and snacks will be provided. Children with allergies are encouraged to bring their own vegetarian lunch (without eggs).

More Information: To learn more about the benefits of Anapana meditation, watch: Seeds of Awareness Anapana meditation courses for children.

Questions? Please call or email, or (908) 337-5826.